What to Look for in a Cordless Electric Chainsaw

Cordless electric chainsaw

Cordless electric chainsaws have a variety of electric motors that can range from 8 to 40 volts and depending on the length of its cutting bar which may measure from 12 inches up to 20 inches. Most electric chainsaw motors have a step-up induction circuit that drives its 2 phase motor which could have an optimum operational horsepower of between 2.5 to 4 horsepower and since its power is provided by its battery pack, it can fully sustain a running time of up to 30 minutes before changing battery packs. As far as the electrical circuit is concerned, there are newer models of cordless electrical chainsaws today that have reciprocal charging systems that return a substantial amount of energy back into its Lithium-Ion battery while you use it.

This enables battery powered chainsaws to run for a more prolonged period of time which optimizes its efficiency with regard to getting the most out of its battery pack. Most cordless electrical chainsaws use a 2 phase electric motor which enables it to run within two speed settings from low to high RPM. Having a two-phase motor gives electric chainsaws the ability to run at idle speeds of 2,500 RPM to as high as 5,000 RPM which is ideal to enable it to cut down hardwood. Its motor is similar to that used by power tools such as angle grinders and precision hand drills. Most cordless electric chainsaws use carbon brush contact points that draw power from its battery pack and into the motor’s field winding through its armature.

Improvements in electrical motor designs through years of innovative research and development has greatly increased the efficiency of modern electrical motors, enabling manufacturers to make smaller yet powerful electrical motors that can be used in electrical chainsaws as well as other power tools. To further increase motor efficiency, sealed ball bearings with industrial grade lubricants that were encased during assembly give cordless electric chainsaw a longer motor life and lower maintenance frequency. Lubrication is considered as one of the most important aspects in keeping cordless electric chainsaws in perfect running conditions along with making regular motor checkups that include evaluating the condition of the carbon contact brushes.

Limitation in operational time is the most common characteristic among cordless electric chainsaw since its power depends on the capacity of its Lithium-ion battery pack. Cutting speed can be a bit slower since these type of cordless chainsaws do not have the same power and sustainability as that of gas-powered chainsaws when it comes to speed. You will also have to consider that you would have to change battery packs every now and then to enable you to get through all of your cutting tasks at hand. Again, you will also have to determine the amount of wood that you will be cutting down since cordless electric chainsaws can efficiently undertake cutting down branches with sizes of about 3 to 4 inches thick with a maximum amount of 400 times in one charge (40 volt lithium-Ion battery pack).

Unless stated so by the manufacturer, some cordless electric chainsaws can operate under any incremental weather conditions that can be safely used without any risk of you incurring electrical shock. Although not all portable chainsaws have this quality, it is best to inquire with the manufacturer before deciding on purchasing one for outdoor use.


Maintaining a cordless electric chainsaw is much more easier than that of a gas-powered chainsaw since electric chainsaws have very few parts that you have to maintain such as the carbon brush contact point, the electric motors lubrication, including the bearings and the Lithium-Ion battery pack. As compared to gas-powered chainsaws that have a lot of moving parts since it has a two-stroke engine, maintaining a cordless electric chainsaws is a walk in the park.

Ease of use is another advantage that most people are getting to like about these type of chainsaws compared to gas-powered ones when it comes to safety issues. Admittedly, gas-powered chainsaws are really quite hard to use, even for professionals since there is the possibility of engine malfunction such as the carburetor lever getting stuck which could lead to the engine to run wild and out of control. Having to contend with the engine heat is also one issue with gas-powered chainsaws since it uses a combustion engine, using a cordless electric chainsaws is much safer since its electric motor does not even come to a quarter to the heat produced by gas-powered chainsaws.

Most if not all cordless electric chainsaws have a built-in safety switch which stops the flow of power from the battery to the motor once you let go of the handle grip. It also has a secondary safety which disengages the main chain drive either magnetically of mechanically. Some cordless electric chainsaws are even considered lighter than their gas-powered counterparts even with their battery packs on and since these chainsaws have more impact resistant plastic parts, using them is more convenient compared to conventional gas-powered chainsaws with regard to with weight and handling.

With regard to handling, people who have gotten to prefer using cordless electric chainsaws over gas-powered ones find the convenience of handling electric chainsaws with ease since they will not have to struggle with the stress of having to deal with body fatigue which is common with people who have used two-stroke gas-powered chainsaws. Cordless electric chainsaws run more smoothly and more quieter than gas-powered chainsaws and since they use an electric motor that runs on a consistent cycle and since it uses no pistons, there is very minimal vibration and heat, giving you a much more easier means of using it. Added to this, cordless electric chainsaws have a very low operating noise level which ranges from between 86 to 90 decibels which is about the same with that of the noise level produced by a food processor.

Cordless Pole Saw

pole saw

A Cordless Pole saw is a safer, easier way to trim your trees! Keep your two feet on the ground and keep the chain saw in the garage when the annual tree-trimming chore comes up. Our cordless model comes with an adjustable handle length of up to 9 ft. so you stay safely on flat land while tackling your trees. Don’t worry about the hassle of cords or the possibility of tripping over them; simply just remember to charge your saw’s battery and you’re good to go. Cordless Pole saws allow you to travel as far as possible to trim those far away trees.

Relax And Let Garden Tools Do All Of The Work

If you are a gardener and are not familiar with what tiller tines can do for you, it is time for you to find out. Tillers are also called soil cultivators and they do just that. Soil is not naturally ready to accept plantings so it is up to the gardener to put the rototiller tines to work to prepare the soil to accept seeds.

What Exactly Do Tiller Tines Do?

Tiller Tines

Tillers do nothing more than break up hard clumps of soil to allow you to incorporate different organic compounds and materials into it so that your seeds take hold and grow well. This type of tool has been around for a very long time, but up until recently had been manual. The tillers of today are gas-powered and therefore can spin the tiller tines at a very fast speed allowing you to till a large space in a relatively short period of time.

What Is The Best Size To Buy?

When it comes to people purchasing a tiller the first question is usually about the size. There are a few things to think about when deciding on the size of tiller to get.

1. The size of the area that you want to till has a huge impact on the size of the machine that you buy. If you have a small garden in the back of your house then a small tiller with only a couple of blades will do just fine. If you own a very large space that you need to cultivate then you will look into the rear tine garden tillers with many blades.

2. The second major factor with regard to the land is how hard the soil is. If you have soft soil then you can get by with a lot less size and power, but if you have hard and rocky soil you will have to spring for the more powerful models.

What Is The Best Rear Tine Tiller To Buy?

The answer to that question lies in the amount of money you feel like spending. People tend to like to buy the bigger and better models of all products. When it comes to roto tillers, the stronger and larger ones are the ones with the tines in the rear. The rear-tine ones are typically a couple of times more expensive than front tine tillers. Once things are all said and done you can end up spending a lot more than you had originally intended. It is true that some people need this type of tiller, but most people do not.

What To Look For When Making Your Purchase

There are a number of things to think about when you are ready to purchase your own tiller. The amount of land you have to cultivate, the number of tiller tines you want, the type of soil that you want to prepare and how much money you are ready to spend all play a huge part in the decision. Research until you are ready and then buy a tiller tine with confidence.

Roto Tillers Are Simply The Best Garden Tools

When it comes to gardening there are a number of tools that you can use to save yourself some work, but none of them will work for you better than roto tillers. If you really take a look at them, rotary tillers are nothing more than a handful of spinning blades that crunch up the soils and allow air to mix in.

When you take a normal garden hoe and chop up the dirt, you are doing the very same thing with one blade. Even if you went with a one-blade tiller you will find that it is much faster since it is gas-powered and does not get tired. You, on the other hand, can only do that same motion for a little while before you get tired. If you only have a small amount of land to cultivate, and your soil is soft and easy to manage, then you may be able to talk yourself out of purchasing one. If you are like most of us with bigger plots of land and rocky soil, then roto tillers may be the best invention in the world.

Establish Which Tool Fits You Best

When you are looking to buy a tiller you have to establish exactly what type you need for your particular application and compare garden tillers. You will have to do a bunch of research to establish what tool fits you the best. The three areas to consider are the price you are willing to spend, the type of soil you have and the amount of land that you have to cultivate. Everyone’s needs and situation is different, so spend the time and really take a look at yourself.

How Do I Afford These Tillers?

The first part is obvious. If you have a limited budget then the tiller you get will have to stay within that. You can get a number of smaller garden roto tillers cheaply, but if you are going to need a larger and stronger model then you may want to look at used. All over every town in the world there are people with a rototiller for sale. Additionally, if you are low on money and not needing to use the tiller very often, you may want to go the route of tool rental. For only a matter of dollars per day you can rent even the largest of tiller models to get the job done.

Think Safety First

No matter what type of roto tillers you choose to look at and eventually buy, you must not forget that the most important thing about any power tool is using it in a safe manner consistent with the rototiller manufacturers recommendations. Be sure that you read the manual cover to cover before attempting to operate the machine. Always wear the right safety gear when operating your tiller. At a minimum you need to wear safety goggles, long pants, long sleeves and thick gloves. It only takes a moment to cause a tragic injury, so be careful and think safety in everything you do.